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Swim Platform Pull-on Davit System
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Over 175 satisfied customers have bought this davit system from us.

Mounting Systems and Optional Accessories

Mounting Brackets
The deck mount has two low-profile brackets that mount permanently on the swim platform. Once installed the system is easily removed for storage by pulling two pins leaving a clutter free platform. There are several size of mount brackets to suit your specific swim platform size. Select your correct size when purchasing.

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Removable 36" System
The removable 36" extension system is great if you need to move your dinghy back off your swim platform and want to free your swim platform of the long mount bars while your dinghy is in use or in storage.


removable 36" system
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Rail Mount System
The rail mounting system can be mounted to an existing rail that is usually found on some Cruiser Yachts. Select "with strap mount" when purchasing.

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Tie-Down Security
Cambuckle Tie Downs, ratchet straps, or similar tie-down system must be used to secure your dinghy to your larger vessel.
They can be attached to existing cleats, tie-down folding padeyes, or other tie-down points on your vessel.

We offer both of these optional accessories for purchase.

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Custom Optional Insert for Hull Shape
If you have a RIB hard bottom boat dinghy, you may add this option to your davit order. This selection makes a customized fit for your hard bottom boat and davit. It can also be used for soft-bottom boats for a snug fit around the inflatable keel and floor. Add the "Custom Insert" option to cart when purchasing.


The system size is 37" wide (port to starboard measurement - the way the dinghy lays) by 40" long (fore to aft).

To determine which mount system will work best for you, measure the outside beam (width) of your dinghy, then divide by 2 and add 4 inches. Now measure your platform (transom of yacht to the outer end over the water). You must add a number below to your platform length figure in order to determine which mount to use. The platform figure must be equal to or greater than half the width of your dinghy width.

Example: If your dinghy width is 60", then divide by 2 + 4" = 34". If your swim platform is 32", by adding 2" to the platform this would make it equal to the dinghy width of 34" so then you would have chosen the 6" model.

Hint: it's the 6 inch model you need because 4 inches of the mount must be used to secure to the deck.

Key Dimensions to Determine Mount
A = Swim platforms internal width. B = Platforms depth (transom to edge).
C = Distance from top of platform to the water. D = Beam of dinghy.

For 0" to 2"

Choose the 6" Mount
For 2" to 4"
Choose the 8" Mount
For 4" to 6"
Choose the 10" Mount
For 6" and up
Choose the 36" Extension System

If your having problems determining the right mount or have any questions , contact us here
Using the System
Clean and easy installation. Davit is easily removed by pulling the 2 pivot pins (excluding strap mount systems).
Lift and pull for retrieval or simply push for launching.
Dinghy will right itself once it's in position. Tie downs must be used.
We suggest ratchet or cam straps to tie down the bow & stern of the dinghy.
Tie downs can be relaxed for more platform room when docked or anchored.
Tie down to an existing cleat or add a padeye.

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