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We forecast over 500,000  inflatable boaters will visit our site this year!

Our entire website has had millions of visitors to date.

If your website doesn't get this traffic then let us help you.

Contact us to inquire or order. 

We deliver results!

Business Services

Product Sales
Research Surveys
Free Biz Listing
Enhanced Listing
Pay-per-click Advertising
Classified Ads
Other Services

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Business Services

Product Sales
Research Surveys
Free Biz Listing
Enhanced Listing
Pay-per-click Advertising
Classified Ads
Other Services

We deliver results!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow and prosper.

Manufacturer, Supplier & Dealer Services

All is the internet's premier website for consumers to learn about and buy inflatable boats and related products..... and for manufacturers and dealers to promote their products and services in full-color to millions of people, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, at an affordable price. Contact us for more information.

With over 417,000 visitors, who viewed over 1.1 million pages and multi million hits, our website is the most popular inflatable boat websites on the internet. We sell quite a few products thru our website and feel we can sell yours also

Why Should You Grow Your Business With Us?

  • We're the premier website for inflatable marine products, information & suppliers.

  • We, and our clients' sites, are listed at the top of most search engines.

  • We get hundreds of thousands of inflatable boaters visiting annually.

  • We have over 40 years of combine inflatable boat industry experience.

  • We worked with many of the world's premier inflatable boat builders and suppliers.

  • We are very affordable compared to conventional advertising.

  • We specialize in internet business solutions for marine companies.

  • You will get results from people interested in inflatable marine products.

The following services are available on the Inflatable Marine Products Network to help your business generate more traffic, reach more customers and sell more products.

There's everything to gain and nothing to lose by partnering with All

Contact us now for more information.

  Product Sales Opportunities

We Can Increase Your Sales and Market Share

All is accepting new products to add to our inflatable boat industry related product lines.

Our website is popular, we have a proven business model, successful sales and service record, and it costs you nothing unless we sell your products.

No advertising expenses, no hassles, just increased sales and profits for you!

Contact us now for more information.

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  Market and Industry Research

Information leads to knowledge - and knowledge is power!

Custom research surveys developed for your specific needs - brand awareness, customer perceptions and more. Survey your existing customers or randomly sample our website visitors. We use sophisticated online technologies.

Generic survey results available for purchase from our several surveys underway now. Brand perceptions, potential buyer feedback, and much more.

Research/Survey Services:
- Custom surveys for your needs
- Brand awareness surveys
- Brand perception surveys
- Customer service surveys
- Generic survey results available
- Several generic surveys online

Contact us now for more information.

  Advertising Opportunities
  FREE Listing    Enhanced Listing   Extra Listings

List your organization name and website address in our very popular suppliers page for free - by exchanging links with us. It's a great way to help your search engine rankings.

FREE listing
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Enhance your FREE listing in the Supplier's Index by having it
bolded, and colored red. It will make your listing stand out from the crowd! This one page averages 100's of qualified visitors per day! 

$100 one-time fee 

Enhance the awareness of your business and the chances of your website link being clicked on by adding additional bold/red listings to other applicable categories.

$100 one-time fee for each additional listing

    Pay-per-click Advertising

You only pay when someone clicks thru to your website.
List your website name, banner ad, pictures, and/or text links on one or more of our pages and our tracking program tracks the "click-thrus" to your website. We supply you a 3rd party report on traffic and you pay for only the traffic that has clicked thru to your site every month. If they don't click thru - you don't pay. The ROI on this can be huge! You may only have to sell one boat to pay for months of advertising. We offer highly qualified leads. If they are at our site, they are interested in buying inflatable boats and/or accessories.
Contact us to learn more

  Classified Ads   

List your name, location, contact number, an email link, web link, and up to 50 words of text to describe the product or service you're trying to sell or buy.

Text Only Ad:         $50 annually

Color Picture Ad:    $100 annually

Click to order your $50 text ad.

Click to order your $100 photo ad.


   Other Advertising Opportunities

Other standard and customized advertising opportunities on All are available to suit your needs and budget. Ask about our discounts for multiple-month pre-paid orders.

Contact us to order.


  Product Testing & Reviews

All offers consumer product evaluation, testing and review services.

Our group of highly experienced personnel will inspect, test, evaluate, and review your inflatable boat or related product. We take pictures and make notes during the process based on a number of criteria. We then write a report, post it to our website with pictures, and send you a copy for your records and so you may perform PR activities.

With many years experience in the industry, designing, manufacturing, selling, and testing small boats and products to the largest RIBS, we are professional and credible.

Contact us now for more information.  View our reviews page.

- Product inspection / tests
- Boats inspection / tests
- Design evaluations
- Performance testing
- Custom services
- Mobile Service

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow and prosper.

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