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Swim Platform Pull-on Davit System
- Questions and Answers -

Why this Davit?
This hassle-free launch and retrieval system allows you to store your inflatable, with outboard, on your swim platform while giving you 1/3 more space. The system size is 37" wide (port to starboard measurement - the way the dinghy lays) by 40" long (fore to aft). Made with light weight aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and hardware allows for a highly durable corrosion free system. Easily mounted on the swim platform, this hassle free system lets you pull your dinghy on for easy storage or just push off for launching. Easily launched for an emergency and allows no algae or barnacle growth on the dinghy - saving you money in cleaning and repairs down the road.

How do I know it will fit my swim platform?
Your platform only needs to be approximately 4 inches longer than half the width (beam) of your inflatable for mounting. To determine that this application will work for you, measure the beam of your dinghy and divide by 2 and add 4 inches. If this figure is equal or larger than the depth (transom to the end) of your platform we have a davit for you. View this for sizing details. If you think it will not fit your swim platform, consider one of our other davit products. Extension mounts can be purchased for smaller swim platforms.

Is my swim platform strong enough?
Usually, but not always, particularly if you are planning on cradling a heavy dinghy. We suggest consulting the manufacturer for the "safe working load" of your swim platform.

How should I plan my installation?
Take your time and plan your installation! The ideal position for the dinghy on the davit is to have the dinghy sitting squarely in the "cradle" of the davit and off-set the davit on the platform so that the stern (transom) of the dinghy is more supported due to weight of motor, etc.

Can I use the rails on my swim platform to mount my davit?
Yes. We have mounts to attach directly to swim platform rails.

How are davits rated?
The davits are rated on their ability to carry a "safe working load". For example, it is unreasonable to suggest that a davit with a safe working load of 300lbs. could cradle a dinghy weighing double that or 600lbs. These davits have a very large margin of strength designed into them and simply do not fail if used within their designed ratings. However, allowing the dinghy to fill with water will create a bad situation. Remember to remove the drain plug if your boat will be unattended to any period of time.

Can I remove my davit?
Yes! The deck mounts have two quick release pins and can be removed in seconds for storage and only weighs approx. 15 pounds. The 36" system is completely removeable now except for the small plastic support brackets.

Should I tie the dinghy in place?
Yes! You must secure your dinghy in place on the davit system. Damage or loss is certain to result if not tied down. The dinghy should be tied down securely from the bow and stern to prevent movement of the dinghy and shock loads coming from heavy seas. We prefer to see ratchet or cam straps used. If the straps become loose at sea, a simple pull on the ratchet lever or strap will snug the dinghy. Using additional rope is a wise idea also.

Can I take my boat in heavy seas with the dinghy on the davit?
Yes! We all know the type of seas we are generally comfortable and/or experienced in. You can carry anything you like on the davits up to the designed weight rating of your davit system. If you are planing a cruise and expect rougher conditions, consider removing the outboard motor. Double check the dinghy and make sure it's lashed on the deck - you cannot know what conditions you might encounter and bad weather is no place to discover that you should have paid closer attention. To be safe, always add some additional rope tie-downs up and over the boat.

Can I get my davit customized to fit my hard bottom dinghy?
Yes you can customize it. When ordering be sure to add "Customize For Rib" to your shopping cart. We will then insert polyethylene blocks that can be cut perfectly to match your Rib. This not only give you a custom fit, but also adds strength to your system. Older models can be sent to us to be customized as well.


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