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Inflatable Boat Covers & Related Products

Many inflatable boats accept standard covers that fit most inflatable boats. Take advantage of our universal inflatable boat cover options.  These products offer high quality marine components. Durable, sewn-in elastic band along hemline and non-abrasive web straps for a tighter, custom fit.

Cover includes tie-down rope. Fabric is coated Custom Grade 600 denier heavy-duty polyester. This fabric is durable and water repellant, yet breathable to resist mildew.  Covers not intended to cover motor - only boat.

inflatable boat cover

Need to repair and
renew your inflatable boat?

Inflatable Boat Paint.

Please carefully measure your boat to ensure you buy the correct size cover. If in doubt, buy the next larger size cover.
Model A Boat Cover - Item Number BC3106A
Fits 9 ft to 9.5 ft
Beam width 58 inches
Price $89

Model B Boat Cover - Item Number BC3106B
Fits 10 ft to 10.5 ft
Beam width 62 inches
Price $99

Model C Boat Cover - Item Number BC3106C
Fits 11 ft to 11.5 ft
Beam width 68 inches
Price $109

Model D Boat Cover - Item Number BC3106D
Fits 12 ft to 12.5 ft
Beam width 74 inches
Price $119

Seat Cover Bag

Bow Storage Bag

Bench Seat on Frame
Starting at $749

(4 widths available)

More details here.

Universal Adjustable Bench Seat
Starting at $275

More details here.



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