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Sling Davit System For Storing Inflatable Boats, Dinghies, Kayaks, Canoes on Powerboats and Sailboats

This is the simplest, most universal, and most cost effective davit system on the market. If you need a basic and flexible davit system and don't want to invest in a more permanent and sophisticated system - this is the answer for you! We have hundreds of happy customers so far using this system!

Now you can take inflatable boats, row boats, canoes and kayaks on your cruise securely without spending several hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a davit system - and you won't lose precious swim platform, deck or bow space. Like all of our other systems, you don't have to glue parts on your dinghy, and in this case you won't have to drill holes in your vessel either.

Benefits of the Dinghy Sling System

  • Strong, portable, lightweight, UV resistant with all marine grade materials.
  • Easy lifting and lowering with quick deployment for emergency situations.
  • Can be stored straight up or at any angle - you choose so as not to block view.
  • Can prevent man overboard situations where the dinghy could catch you.
  • Works on sailboats and power boats with or without a swim platform and even off the sides of docks to keep walkway clear.
  • Will carry kayaks, row boats, canoes and inflatable boats.
  • No drilling, bolting, gluing or modifications to your boat or dinghy.
  • Keeps your tender out of the water to prevent algae growth and drag on vessel.
  • Helps in maneuvering in tight harbors where towing would not be possible.
  • Helps reduce chance of theft of dinghy or kayak while up in sling.
  • Testing has shown reduced engine exhaust noise on deck and keeps you drier from splashing in following seas since inflatable rests against transom.
  • Easily operated with only 1 person.
  • Dinghy Sling Specifications: 6’ wide x 7’ long and can handle inflatable boats, row boats, kayaks and canoes. Will fit just about any boat.
  • Rated for dinghies up to 225 lbs. and 11’ long.
  • Dinghy Sling system comes with all special adjustment straps for connections to railings or cleats, instruction manual, and a storage sling bag for when not in use.
  • 5 year warranty  - Free replacement or repair.
  • Do not use with outboard motor still on dinghy, or do not use with other gear or seating that exceeds sling maximum weight rating.

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Hundreds of happy customers!

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Dinghy sling system attached to 26’ power boat with a half swim platform holding a 9’ inflatable boat.  Boat was carried at speeds over 40 knots and has been through 4’ waves.... with no problems!

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Sling bag backpack included to store or carry your Dinghy Sling

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Below are some pictures showing actual use of the Dinghy Sling on customer's boats. See the sling floats in picture below that act to stretch out the sling behind your vessel to cradle your dinghy into. This keeps sling from sinking or interfering with propellers. Great for Sailboats! Order Below  |  Free Worldwide Shipping

One of our hundreds of satisfied Customers
Dinghy Sling is very easy to use, sits firmly, attached to cleats and stows away in supplied bag. It is economical & well made.  Very happy, indeed, highly  recommended. Thank You

Doug Packer, Perth, Western Australia

Lots of room left on the swim platform to walk.


This dinghy is very secure on the swim platform.


Used to store dinghy and a kayak.


Room to still board the vessel.


Dinghy Sling deployed, ready to accept dinghy. The floats to keep sling out of props.

Side view of an inflatable boat secured in a Dinghy Sling on a large sailboat

Dinghy rowed or motored over and secured onto sling
and vessel using supplied straps.

This inflatable boat is stable and secure...even in these 10’ seas!

Special adjustable straps (supplied with sling) make it easy to lift your dinghy.

Rear view of Dinghy Sling system. Can be deployed in 30 sec.

Dinghy sling used for carrying kayak on side of bow.

Kayak secured in Dinghy Sling from bow
rail and rests against rub rail. Even motoring through 3’ waves did not move this.



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Do not use with outboard motor still on dinghy, or do not use with other gear or seating that exceeds sling maximum weight rating.



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