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Review inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, dinghies, inflatable canoes & inflatable boat accessories and products suppliers all in 1 location. Also commonly called inflatable boat, rubber boat, boat, inflatable boat, rubber, dinghy, inflatable dingy or just dinghy or dingy. You'll see Zodiac, Hurricane, Avon, Bombard and many other inflatable boat brands and their websites listed below..

Initially, inflatable boats were developed for use in the navy for transporting torpedoes and other cargo as well as other applications. Over time, recreational applications evolved for the smaller boats including pleasure, tender and fishing. When the stability, flotation and seaworthiness of inflatable boats became more known, lifesaving and rescue agencies around the world began using them as tenders on their larger vessels. Today, rescue and military agencies around the world use inflatable boats, particularly RIBs, for many applications inshore and offshore.

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Inflatable Boat Repair Paint

  inflatable boat davit system
Innovative davits for power boats.

With many different models of inflatable boats to chose from below you'll find the right inflatable boat for you. If you love to get out among the fish then review the many inflatable boat manufacturers and suppliers listed below. The inside information about inflatable boats that you can find articles on in this inflatable boats website will astound you.


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>>> Manufacturers (Boats, Kayaks, Liferafts, Whitewater Rafts, Float Tubes, Components)

Dealers & Suppliers of Inflatable Boats & Related Products

Other General Marine Organizations Supplying Misc. Products and Services


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Inflatable Boat Manufacturers

SeaEagle Inflatable Boats and Kayaks
Airsolid Inc.
Dynous Inflatable Boats
Falcon Inflatables
Force 4 Inflatable Boats

Henshaw Inflatables Ltd
Hwa Nan Plastics Mfg. Ind. Ltd
Hyside Inflatable Boats
IBC Inflatable Boats
Kean Inflatables (Taiwan)
Kiwi Kayaks
Legacy Inflatable Boats

Libra Boats - UAE
Mako Inflatables USA
Marshall International BCD
Northwind Marine
OMC Express Inflatables 
ProPhish LLC
Protector Boats USA
Quicksilver Inflatable Boats
Revenger Boat Company

Riken Inflatable Boats
Ris Inflatable Boats

Samad Rubber Works
Sevymarine Inflatable Boats
er Inflatable Boats
Stingray Inflatables
Storm Inflatable Boats
Wild Thing Inflatable Boats
Yukon Inflatable Boats


Inflatable Kayaks

Sailing or Flying Inflatable Boat Manufacturers

SeaEagle Inflatable Boats and Kayaks
Polaris Motor

Emergency Liferafts and Rescue Equipment

Whitewater Raft &
Kayak Manufacturers

SeaEagle Inflatable Boats and Kayaks

Fishing Float Tube Manufacturers
Dabbie Float Tubes

Outdoor Adventure Products

Inflatable Boat
Major Component Manufacturers

Airflow Boat Valves
Chiorino UK (Fabrics)
Coated Technical Solutions
Collier Tool & Die

Olmec Tubing

Pennel & Flipo (ORCA Fabrics)
PVC Coated Webbing
Shin Dorn Lee Co. Ltd.
SRS Lucisano S.r.l.

 ....and more adding to the list all the time!


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