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Inflatable Boating - Trailers  

Most inflatables can travel in the trunk or on the roof of a car or van, making it possible to navigate more often and into many more places. However, an inflatable is also easily transportable with a trailer. 

Before purchasing a trailer, you must consider the weights of each of the key elements (your vehicle, complete boat with motor and accessories, trailer) and the adaptability of the trailer to your situation.

Don't hesitate to purchase a trailer that is slightly more robust than the weight you will be transporting. Be sure the wheels are wide and well adapted to long trips and, of course, a spare tire is a must.

Choose a trailer with numerous rollers on the ramp so that your inflatable is well protected and prefer a tipping hinged shaft that will make launching and recovery easier.

To secure your boat, use the rings on the hull and also have 2 straps that you can slip into the boat handles to for added security. Protect the tubes against chafing with cloth or pieces of carpet.

Get all the necessary information from your local motor vehicle office about the driving regulations concerning trailers (registration, weight and speed limits) and make sure you get insurance for the trailer.

Get used to the additional size before you depart on a trip. You will be handling (length, width, weight, visibility) by practicing simple maneuvers like passing, backing up and parking in your neighborhood or parking lot.

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