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Inflatable Boating - Practical in every way

Easy to store and almost as light as air

Light, easy to put into the water or be pulled on the beach, an inflatable is operational in a wink and offers a variety of navigational possibilities.

What size boat? How heavy?
Inflatable boats come in a  range that offers a variety of models adaptable to the most diverse needs. Before choosing an inflatable it is important that you ask yourself the following questions: What size? What weight?

The size
Size determines space on board and carrying capacity. It also directly influences the level of performance: a larger boat is more stable, more comfortable and easier to get planing.

The weight
Below 30 Kg/66 lbs, your inflatable is a feather weight: a primary feature for a tender. 
Between 30 Kg/66 lbs and 100 Kg/220 lbs, 2 to 3 people can comfortable carry it by hand. 
100 Kg/220 lbs to 150 Kg/330 lbs and a trolley or launching wheels become necessary.
Over 150 Kg/330 lbs, a trailer is required. However lighter than a similar rigid traditional boat, towing and launching present few problems. 

Easy to store
Once deflated and folded the space taken up by an inflatable is so compact that transporting it and storing it becomes extremely easy. Have you ever tried shutting the car trunk on a traditional boat? Can you store a traditional boat in a closet or the corner of the garage? Packed away, an inflatable boat goes wherever you want to go.
Almost as light as air
Take a look at an inflatable boat. You see the fabric, a wooden transom, the fittings.....but you forget the air contained in the inflatable keel or in the buoyancy tubes which gives the boat its shape. Looked at this way, it is hardly surprising that a fully inflatable  can be up to 3 times lighter than a comparable traditional boat.

Photos and information courtesy of Zodiac Canada -

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