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Inflatable Boating - Environmental Responsibility

Responsible boating begins with you

With your inflatable boat, you can discover the richness of the marine environment. Help keep it beautiful.

Enjoying some time on the water is great, but it comes with some responsibility for us all to work to ensure that the world around us remains a strong healthy environment for living and play.


Please, respect your environment by applying the following basic safety rules:

  • Avoid creating excessive wash

  • Keep out of designated swimming areas

  • Respect all animal life. Respect the laws for bag limits and practice catch and release sportsmanship.

  • Use non-polluting antifouling paint and non-polluting cleaning agents.

  • Don't make unnecessary noise. Excessive noise should be avoided, particularly around launching ramps and populated areas.

  • Don't discharge oil or fuels into the water. In most areas this is illegal and in all areas it causes pollution and harms plant and animal life.

  • Don't litter. Dispose of garbage and trash properly. if there is no appropriate refuse disposal, bring back your trash.

  • Don't make excessive wake. Remember that the wake your boat trails behind can be destructive to the shore, as well as to other boaters. A boat wake crashing on the shore can cause and accelerate erosion and damage the environment.

Photos and information courtesy of Zodiac Canada -

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