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KeelGuard protection to guard and protect your boat keel from hull damage

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KeelGuard has a lifetime No-hassle warranty. If problems arise, it's replaced for free.

KeelGuard FAQs & Answers

Q. How does it stick on?
A. The Megaware Keel Guard uses an advanced 3M pressure sensitive adhesive tape already bonded to the KeelGuard. By simply preparing the keel with the provided tools and primer, the KeelGuard adheres to the hull creating a permanent bond, giving you years of protection and performance. Read more here

Q. Will the KeelGuard create drag and reduce the speed of my boat or PWC?
A. No, the KeelGuard is designed with hydrodynamics in mind. Keel Guard's patented drag reduction design will not slow a boat or diminish its performance. In fact, on smaller boats and PWC's it is not uncommon to experience an increase of 1-2 miles per hour on top end speed.

Q. Does a dealer need to install the KeelGuard or can I do it myself?
A. Many of our dealers can install the Keel Guard for you or you can do it yourself. Each KeelGuard comes as a kit and has all the tools and materials for installation (a cleaning agent i.e. acetone is not supplied due to EPA shipping regulations). By following the step-by-step instructions, you can install the KeelGuard yourself in about one hour or less. Read more here

Q. Will the KeelGuard go over strakes or chines?
A. Yes, the Keel Guard material is very pliable and will easily conform to most hull strakes and angles. Read more here

Q. What is the KeelGuard made of?
A. The KeelGuard is a composite comprised of a blend of polymers and urethanes with special plasticizers and UV inhibitors to provide the very best blending of abrasion resistance and bonding qualities. This combination of strength and bonding has made it possible for Megaware KeelGuard to provide the best lifetime warranty on the market for keel protection. Read more here

Q. Is it possible to remove the Keel Guard, and if so, will it damage the gel coat?
A. In the unlikely event you need to remove a Keel Guard, it can be done. The 3M adhesive is designed to shear apart if enough strength and energy is exerted. Some of the adhesive will remain on the KeelGuard and some on the boat. The remaining adhesive can be removed from the boat with a plastic or nylon putty knife or a decal/pinstripe removal disk. We can provide more detailed instructions upon request.

Q. Can I apply the KeelGuard over boat bottom paint or anti-fouling paint?
A. The Keel Guard should not be applied over boat bottom or anti-fouling paint. Often times the paint will fail and pull away from the boat taking the KeelGuard with it. Anti-fouling paints are designed to wear off over time, and for obvious reasons are not conducive for a good bonding surface. If boat bottom or anti-fouling paint is already on the boat, it should be sanded off the area where the Keel Guard will be applied. This will insure a permanent bond of the 3M adhesive. If desired, boat bottom or anti-fouling paint can be applied over the KeelGuard once it has been installed.

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