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Innovative davits for inflatable boats. No gLued parts or hassles.

Inflatable Boat and Product Liquid Rubber Paint

Use on any inflatable product - boats, kayaks, water toys and more.

Liquid Rubber is truly a unique breakthrough in the rubber field. For the first time 100% pure EPDM rubber is in a liquid form to cure without vulcanizing; that is applying high heat and pressure at the same time, which is what the manufacturer did when your boat was made.

The consistency of honey, Liquid Rubber "paints" on to form a seamless, leakproof membrane of pure rubber. Available in black, gray or white, one quart will renew a 8-9 ft foot boat with a coating 4-6 mils thick when applied according to the easy to follow instructions. (If you can paint a wall, you can do this.) Works on Hypalon or PVC fabric boats.

Since the original skin of most inflatable boats is 5-6 mils thick, Liquid Rubber truly renews and restores your boat to its new condition, even if your boat has lost some of its outer skin and even if the fabric is showing through.

Use Liquid Rubber to spot repair or reinforce those heavy wear spots before they wear through, or re-skin the entire boat with Liquid Rubber to add years of serviceability to your boat.

How it's used:



1. Sand (abrade) and clean the area to be treated.
2. Mix the Liquid Rubber with the catalyst provided.
3. Paint it on! Liquid Rubber will "flow" to form a smooth finish of pure rubber.
4. Dries to the touch in 24 hours - cures completely in about 7 days depending on conditions.
5. Leave as is or apply our TopSide Paint for a new color and look.
Now, your boat functions like new, let's make it look like new with TopSide Paint and Numbering/ Stencil Kit. If you have slow leaks in your inflatable boat, consider the sealant product also.





  • Works on Hypalon or PVC fabric boats.
  • Available in these paint options: Black, Gray, or White.
  • One quart will renew a 8-9 ft foot boat.

Select Your Color Here
$55.00 per quart kit  

and Checkout


More Information and Tips for Using Liquid Rubber

Restore your inflatable looks and reliability
Older inflatable boats can look and work like new. Liquid Rubber is designed to Re-Skin your Hypalon or PVC fabric inflatable boat, kayak, raft or tow toy. Years of use can wear the outer surface of your inflatable; abrasion and UV exposure can make your boat look bad and can cause slow leaks.

ABRASION and UV Damage

Liquid Rubber is truly a unique breakthrough in the inflatable boat repair industry. For the first time we are able to get 100% pure EPDM rubber in liquid form to cure without vulcanizing. Vulcanizing is the process manufactures use to manufacture your inflatable. Liquid Rubber will adhere to your inflatable with the same reliability of vulcanizing but you do not need any heat. Just paint it on and it flows like honey, self levels for a smooth factory like finish.

Liquid Rubber Provides a 4 to 6 Mil New Surface
When applied properly, Liquid Rubber provides a 4 to 6 mil thik coating of rubber over the existing fabric and rubber on your inflatable. Liquid Rubber will provide your inflatable boat with years of new life. Liquid Rubber can be used again and again in the future to restore your boats original look. Available in three (3) colors to help match you original inflatable skin color.

Liquid Rubber comes in three colors. Grey (the color of many new inflatable), Black, and White. You may not want or need to paint your inflatable after you use Liquid Rubber to re-skin your inflatable. However, if you do want to paint it you should use Top Side Paint. Our Top Side Paint is mixed with our Sealant to provide an extra bond and seal for your inflatable. Elasticity is important when painting an inflatable boat and Inland Marines Top Side paint exceeds these requirements. Your inflatable boat will expand and contract when it is exposed to the sun and shade. If the paint you use does not have the elasticity to adjust to these changes it will crack and peel. We provide Top Side Paint in seven (7) colors so you can paint your boat or creatively make it unique and easier to find when in a busy port of call.

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Looking for a premium grade 2-part restoration paint for heavier damaged inflatables, or commercial, industrial, rescue, military and other applications? Check out our premium restoration paint here.



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