Inflatable boat repair paint for inflatable boats, kayaks and other inflatable products.
 Painting inflatable boats

Inflatable Boat Paint

Inflatable boat paint for repairing old inflatable boats to new again

Ron Riedemann, Green Bay, WI - "Your product really works and is quite easy to do. It was fun to watch it turn into a new looking inflatable again."

"Thought you might like to see some pictures of my 14 year old Quick Silver inflatable that I just completed reconditioning with your SRC Tuff base and top coat paints.  I am very pleased with the outcome and it looks great as compared to what it looked like when I started.  I am sure that some of my friends will be ordering your product when they see what you can do with an old inflatable.  I had one pin hole leak that seemed to seal itself quite well with the base coat.  It has now held its air for about 2 weeks. Your product really works and is quite easy to do, I found that you do have to take your time, good masking procedures and let it dry well between coats.  It was kind of fun to watch it turn into a new looking inflatable again.  The Xylene really works well in cleaning up the rubber rub rail that had become very gunky and sticky with the UV, that was a great tip.  Thanks!"

Before Paint Application

After Paint Application

old inflatable boat

repaired inflatable boat

inflatable boat

inflatable boats


After the paint application, it's a new boat bow to stern!

inflatable boating

inflatable boat repair

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